Will I Need to Wear a Special Bra After My Breast Augmentation?

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Dr. Costanzo sees hundreds of Westlake Village women every year who want to learn more about breast augmentation, or who are ready to dive in and have their procedure so they can regain their perky breasts. And every year, Dr. Costanzo is met with many different questions and concerns during initial breast augmentation consultations. Many of these questions have to do with the recovery process.

At Christopher Costanzo, MD, Dr. Costanzo values patient education and wants every Westlake Village patient he sees to make the decision to have plastic surgery after they have been fully informed, and they are comfortable with the procedure they are choosing. Because of that, we’re going to take time in this blog to answer one of the most common questions he receives during the consultation appointment, “Will I need to wear a special bra after my breast augmentation?”

Immediately Following Your Breast Augmentation

When you are released from the surgical center after your breast augmentation with Dr. Costanzo, your breasts will be wrapped in a surgical dressing for protection of the incisions that were made. This also provides needed support for your breasts. Dr. Costanzo will remove the post operative dressings during your follow up appointment after your procedure.

During Your Recovery Period, You Will Wear a Surgical Bra

After he removes the surgical dressings, you will be given a special surgical bra to wear. This bra has been developed specifically for patients who have had breast augmentation. It helps reduce swelling and bruising and will help your recovery go smoothly. It will take time for your breasts to fully heal after breast augmentation; therefore, you should wear the surgical bra provided by Dr. Costanzo until he directs you to switch to another style.

Why Do I Need to Wear a Surgical Bra?

There are several reasons why Westlake Village women should wear a surgical bra after breast augmentation. Because it has been specially designed to provide proper breast support to breast surgery patients, a surgical bra will aid in your recovery process by:

  • Holding your breast implants in the proper position
  • Creating more comfort after surgery
  • Encouraging the skin to adhere to the new shape of your breasts

After a few weeks of your recovery, you will be able to transition to another style bra. However, while Dr. Costanzo understands how much you’d like to wear a beautiful new bra after your breast augmentation, you will still need to wait until he instructs you to wear a bra with wires. Westlake Village patients should consider bras that open in the front and provide needed support.

If you need help choosing a bra after Dr. Costanzo has given you the okay to stop wearing your surgical bra, just ask. He’ll be glad to point you in the right direction and explain why some bras are suitable after breast augmentation, and why some are not.

Learn More About Breast Augmentation With Dr. Costanzo

If you have more questions regarding the breast augmentation procedure, recovery process, or what results you can expect to achieve, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Costanzo in Westlake Village!

A member of his team will be happy to answer any questions you have and schedule your initial consultation. Call us at (805) 373-9919 today and visit our before and after photo gallery to see results of Dr. Costanzo’s patients!