Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Overview for Thousand Oaks Tummy Tuck Patients

“Tummy tuck is one of my favorite cosmetic surgeries and one of the most common I perform. It achieves results that other methods may not, and it offers lasting value to my patients.”

If your goal is a flatter abdomen and a more contoured body, consider tummy tuck surgery with Dr. Christopher Costanzo.

Dr. Costanzo is a Mayo Clinic-trained physician with a focus on cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeries. His past patients describe themselves as “extremely satisfied” with both their experience and the results they’ve achieved. Learn how he built upon almost 30 years of practice experience to provide successful outcomes.

What Can A Tummy Tuck Do For Me?

You may have noticed after pregnancy, following weight gain, or as you have aged that your abdomen seems stretched out. Multiple pregnancies can worsen this tummy bulge because your skin and connective tissue stretch repeatedly and your supportive muscles may have separated. Aging can make it even harder to bounce back from these effects.

Most Thousand Oaks tummy tuck patients go through the same phases before realizing that the abdominoplasty procedure is the only option to correct their midriff bulge.

  1. Dieting and exercise. They spend hours at the gym working on abdominal muscles, sometimes paying for the expense of a personal trainer. They may also diet, use remedy creams, or take weight-loss pills.
  2. Exasperation. They recognize that they aren’t getting the results they want despite the time, effort, and energy.
  3. Realization. Dissatisfied with the way that they look and unhappy with the outcomes other options have offered, patients turn to tummy tuck as an effective treatment.

The tummy tuck surgery:

  • Tightens and smooths the upper abdomen.
  • Removes the lower overhang of abdominal skin
  • Flattens the abdomen by bringing the muscles closer together.
  • Reshapes the belly button and contours the sides.

Unlike some cosmetic surgeries, the changes that a tummy tuck offers can last a lifetime with proper care. Dr. Costanzo can advise you about how to maintain your results over time.

Details About Tummy Tuck Surgery

In your initial consultation, Dr. Costanzo will talk with you about what you want to achieve with surgery, conduct an examination, and explain to you how the procedure works.

On the day of your tummy tuck surgery:

  • You will receive general anesthesia so that you stay comfortable and pain-free during the process.
  • Costanzo will tighten and strengthen your abdominal muscles.
  • He will remove loose skin and fat from around your abdomen, sculpting a flatter, leaner belly.

The surgery takes about three hours, and you can usually go home the same day. If you are a woman who is planning to have a hysterectomy or a related procedure, Dr. Costanzo may be able to combine the two surgeries. Discuss this during your initial consultation.

Most Thousand Oaks tummy tuck patients control discomfort with pain medication. You can typically return to daily activities like driving within a couple of weeks. There are other, more rigorous activities that Dr. Costanzo recommends you avoid for five weeks to ensure a full recovery.

You should be able to see the change in your appearance immediately after surgery, and by the end of your recuperation, you can expect to enjoy the full benefits of your new figure.

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