Thousand Oaks Nose Job

Overview for Thousand Oaks Nose Job Patients

Nose jobs are one of the more common, but complex, plastic surgeries. Altering the structure of the nose and improving its cosmetics requires a strategic approach, an artistic eye, a skilled hand, and a knowledgeable surgeon.

These are all reasons that Thousand Oaks patients choose Dr. Christopher Costanzo, who has performed over 10,000 plastic surgery procedures in his nearly three decades of practice. He combines this experience with a commitment to quality and a prioritization of patient care.

What Can A Nose Job Do For Me?

In a nose job procedure, Dr. Costanzo builds upon the good structures of the nose by addressing those parts that need enhancing to give a better shape and appearance. At the same time he can make it easier for you to breathe.

These changes might include:

  • Reducing a hump on the nose.
  • Narrowing its width and bringing it into balance.
  • Shaping the tip to be less boxy, round, or wide, as well as lifting or reducing its angle.

The changes that Dr. Costanzo recommends to Thousand Oaks nose job patients depend on several factors, including…

  • Gender: If you are a female, he may suggest softening the features of the nose. Traditional female features are a straight bridge or a very slight curve; a slight upward tilt; and narrower nostrils and tip.
  • Age: If you are younger, you are likely going to have better skin texture with less sun damage. This allows for better shaping.
  • Ethnicity: In many individuals it is important to maintain one’s sense of identity.
  • Thickness of your skin and size of your nose: Thinner skin and smaller noses are easier to shape. It may not be possible to make a very large nose very small.
  • Breathing concerns: If you have a deviated septum or enlarged turbinate glands that obstruct your airway, Dr. Costanzo recommends combining a septoplasty with your nose job . The outcome can help you breathe more comfortably. Health insurance may cover this procedure.

If you have previously had nose job surgery and are unhappy with the results, Dr. Costanzo may be able to revise your nose by reshaping the tip, redefining the bridge, and correcting asymmetries. The internal scar tissue from the previous procedure plays a role in the amount of revision possible.

Details About Nose Job Surgery

Thousand Oaks nose job patients start by having an initial consultation with Dr. Costanzo. During your visit, you’ll talk about what you want to accomplish, and Dr. Costanzo will conduct an examination, explain the procedure, and discuss your options. Most Thousand Oaks patients appreciate the transparent approach Dr. Costanzo uses in these discussions. He wants to make sure that surgery is your decision and that it’s the right choice.

On the day of your procedure:

  • You will be administered general anesthesia so that you remain comfortable and pain-free throughout the procedure.
  • Dr. Costanzo will place a small incision on the middle column of the nose which provides direct access to the cartilage and bone structure, so he can reshape the nose and improve the cosmetic appearance.
  • Dr. Costanzo uses an internal incision under certain circumstances when a limited view of the framework of the nose is appropriate. He will let you know if you are a candidate for this method.
  • You can expect to go home the same day as your surgery, which should last 2-3 hours.
  • Typically, Thousand Oaks patients wear a splint for about one week and easily manage discomfort with pain medication.
  • You may have bruising for about two weeks but should be back to normal activities within four weeks.

Likely, you want to know how quickly you can enjoy your results. The tip of your nose should reduce in swelling significantly in a few weeks, and after several months, you should be free of any residual swelling and ready to enjoy your results fully.

Choose an experienced surgeon who understands the nuances of nose job . Thousand Oaks patients can contact Dr. Christopher Costanzo by calling 805-373-9919 or contacting us online.