Patient Testimonial - Sydney

Dr. Costanzo,

My decision to get breast augmentation surgery was one of the best personal decisions I have ever made. Although, I really wanted larger breasts, I was hesitant about getting plastic surgery.

After talking to a friend who you had performed a breast augmentation surgery on and researching your credentials and reputation, I was certain that you were the doctor that I should choose if I decided to go forward with the surgery.

When I had mentally and emotionally made the decision to go forward with the surgery, I made an appointment with your staff. I appreciated the fact that you didn’t make any promises to make my body perfect and suggested the surgical technique that would best suit me.

The next day, I scheduled my surgery. The whole process went off without a hitch from the first appointment to the one-month follow-up.

I am now one and a half months post-surgery and feel and look great. My breasts are exactly how I dreamed. Your ability to look at someone’s body and determine exactly what needs to be done to maximize their beauty is truly an art.

I will be forever grateful and continually suggesting you with my highest recommendation to my friends interested in any type of cosmetic surgery.

Merry Christmas,