Some Facts About Silicone Breast Implants

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Dr. Costanzo sees hundreds of Westlake Village women every year who want to learn more about breast augmentation, or who are ready to dive in and have their procedure so they can regain their perky breasts. And every year, Dr. Costanzo is met with many different questions and concerns during initial breast augmentation consultations. Many of these questions have to do with the different types of silicone breast implants. 

MD, Dr. Costanzo values patient education and wants every Westlake Village patient he sees to make the decision to have plastic surgery after they have been fully informed, and they are comfortable with the procedure they are choosing. Because of that, we’re going to take time in this blog to answer one of the most common questions he receives during the consultation appointment, “Which type of silicone implant should I have for my particular breast shape?”


When you see Dr. Costanzo during your initial breast augmentation consultation, he will describe to you the different manufacturers of silicone implants. This is important because all implant companies give a lifetime warranty on replacing your breast implants if needed after your initial surgery.

Which manufacturer is the best and why does Dr. Costanzo use their breast implants?

Dr. Costanzo uses Mentor implants exclusively because they are made here in Southern California and have the strictest quality control. Most implant companies make their breast implants outside the USA, out of the reach of the strict government controls that Mentor implants adhere to.

Mentor has been making breast implants for many decades, which means they will likely be around in the future should the occasion arise that you need implant replacement. Dr. Costanzo recommends Westlake Village patients to stay away from Sientra implants since they have had past recalls and difficulties in their manufacturing process. Also, they are relatively new to the silicone implant market, unlike Mentor corporation.

Are there differences in silicone breast implants?

Yes, there are different shapes, such as round and anatomical (tear drop) implants. Dr. Costanzo in the vast majority of breast augmentations believes that round implants give the best and most natural shape to your breasts.

There are also different fill volumes to the silicone breast implants. While Dr. Costanzo uses mostly standard fill implants, some Westlake Village patients may benefit from extra fill silicone breast implants for shaping. Dr. Costanzo will discuss which type of implant volume is best for you during your consultation.

Silicone breast implants are also manufactured with different profiles. For example, a 400cc implant will be made in several different heights, projection outward and widths. In most women, he prefers to use a high profile or moderate plus (slightly wider) profile Mentor implant.

What is a Gummy Bear silicone implant?

All silicone breast implants are made with a silicone outer envelope and a cohesive gel inside which helps them maintain shape. Some people refer to silicone breast implants as “gummy bear”. This is because the gel has a gummy consistency and will stay stable inside the outer envelope

Learn More About Breast Augmentation With Dr. Costanzo

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