Thousand Oaks Lip Augmentation

“Bigger Lips & Enhance Appearance” Enhance the look and size of your Lips with injectable soft tissue fillers or permanent Lip Implants with PTFE.

Lip Augmentation Before and After Comparison 1

Before and After 1 month- Lip Augmentation with 2 Atrium PTFE (Gortex) Implants

Lip Augmentation Before and After Comparison

Before and After – Lip Augmentation with Alloderm

Lip Augmentation

In the past, such substances as collagen or fat injections suffered from a lack of permanence, and at times it was difficult to make the lips symmetrical. PTFE is now my choice for permanence. This is a synthetic substance similar to the graft material used in artery and vein surgery. Because it comes oval or round and is even in it’s thickness, symmetry is virtually guaranteed.

Alloderm is a good alternative but only seems to last a few years at the most. This material is dermal skin, treated to make it non-reactive. It comes in a small sheet, that after wetting can be formed into a roll and passed into the lip. Symmetry to the lip is assured by cutting the Alloderm evenly.

Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and other fillers work well on the lips, but also are temporary. Both the upper and lower lip can be done at the same time.

What Works & What Doesn’t

  • Angelina Jolie lips are extremely difficult to attain if you have small lips. You risk getting distortion or the “duck look”
  • If you want really large lips for a special occasion use Juvederm or Restylane with the understanding these substances may not remain for a long time
  • Restylane and Juvederm don’t last the 12 months you may see if injected into your facial lines
  • Alloderm and Allografts will generally be temporary
  • PTFE or Atrium Permanent Implants cannot give really large lips without distortion

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