Thousand Oaks Lasers For Wrinkles

“Rejuvenation of the Skin”

Lasers can soften or eliminate wrinkles, particularly facial wrinkles, around the Lip, Cheeks, Mouth and Forehead.  Rejuvenate the skin, bring back the tone and glow.  Eliminate pigment and blotchiness.

Laser For Wrinkles Before and After Collage

Ultrapulsed CO2 laser skin combined with a chemical TCA peel

 Lasers for Skin Rejuvenation

Two Lasers are currently popular for skin rejuvenation. The Ultra-pulsed CO2 Laser and the Erbium-YAG Laser.

Each Laser works by vaporizing the water within the living cells, thereby shaving off layers of skin cells with each pass of the Laser. In my experience, the Ultra-pulsed CO2 Laser is much more effective in both removing wrinkles and tightening the skin. As with any treatment to the skin, the results vary depending on the depth of penetration by the resurfacing agent, whether it is a Laser, Chemical or Dermabrader. Generally, you should expect some crusting and possibly scabbing up to 2 weeks, followed by redness to the skin which can last from weeks to months. Face Lift and other traditional skin removal procedures will be required for certain wrinkles and loose skin.

Radiofrequency Treatments for Wrinkles

The Thermacool TC system was the first to be approved for treatment of wrinkles in the facial area. The hand piece when applied to the skin will deliver Radiofrequency energy to the deeper tissue, creating heat and some collagen tightening, while a cooling head dissipates the heat on the skin surface.  The affect on the skin is tightening.

What To Expect

Because the pigment in the skin is not affected, all skin color types can be treated. Return to routine activities immediately. The face may be a little red for a few hours. The results may not show for days to a few months. Additional treatments may be needed and may add improvement (results may last for greater than 1-2 years). Young patients without significant skin laxity and mild wrinkles will be the best candidates. Persons with heart pacemakers should be avoid treatment because the Radiofrequency may interfere with pacemaker function.

What It Won’t Do

It will not tighten skin significantly and therefore a surgical Face Lift may still be necessary. The Ultra-pulsed CO2 Laser will give more tightening to the skin than the Radiofrequency energy.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to the Skin

Intense Pulse Light units deliver high energy light in milliseconds burst to the skin through a hand piece which is run across the face.

What To Expect

  • Best for spotty discoloration (age spots), broken red capillaries and improving skin tone after sun damage.
  • Can treat areas other than the face, such as: chest, arms and hands.
  • Gradual process requiring 4-6 treatments spaced out every 3 weeks.
  • Because the pigment in the skin is not affected, all skin color types can be treated.   You may return to routine activities immediately.

What It Won’t Do

  • There is very little wrinkle tightening with IPL.
  • It will have some effect on removing hair, but not to the same extent as a Laser.

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