Thousand Oaks Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction with Shaping Lift

Before and 4 months after a Breast Reduction
Different size breasts made symmetrical

Breast Reduction is a common operation, which both reduces the volume of the breast and reshapes the breast. Women seeking a Breast Reduction are generally wanting relief from the following symptoms; painful breasts, backaches and neck aches, poor posture, numbness of the fingers and rashes under the breast.

The operation involves reducing the size of the areola, reducing the volume of the breast and lifting the nipple and areola up into a more appropriate position. There are many types of reductions, but I like to do either the Vertical Breast Reduction or the Anchor Incision Breast Reduction.

Vertical Breast Reduction

The Vertical Mammaplasty has a lollipop incision. I use this type of reduction if you need a small reduction and your nipple position is not too low.
I like the way this Breast Reduction procedure can shape your breasts.

Inferior Pedicle / Wise Pattern Breast Reduction

The Inferior Pedicle Mammaplasty has a anchor incision. I use this if you have very large breasts and a very low nipple position. The Inferior Pedicle Breast Reduction allows for greater safety during healing if I am reducing your very large breasts.

General Information about Breast Reduction Surgery

  • Length of surgery – 2-4 hours
  • Anesthesia – General
  • Same day / Out patient surgery
  • Pain = Moderate
  • Time off work – days to 2 weeks
  • Restricted Activities for 4 weeks

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