Thousand Oaks Breast Augmentation

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Overview for Breast Augmentation Patients

“In your initial consultation, my staff and I will give you the details that you need to make an informed decision. I prioritize a pressure-free, honest approach in your treatment.”

Dr. Costanzo has performed over 5,000 breast augmentation procedures, helping patients add fullness and restore youthfulness to their appearance. Rely on his artful approach, advanced expertise, and nearly three decades of experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Find out more about what to expect from your procedure, and learn why thousands of patients have selected Dr. Costanzo to achieve beautiful, noticeable, natural-looking results.

Understanding Breast Augmentation

Dr. Costanzo can improve the appearance of your breasts by:

  • Revising their shape, making the breasts symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Adding lift to your breasts, raising them to a more youthful position.
  • Increasing the size and projection of your breasts. Dr. Costanzo employs breast implants that are FDA-approved, proven, and effective.

Some or all of these techniques may be part of your procedure, and Dr. Costanzo’s years of experience will guide these decisions. For example, breasts with implants look the best when the breasts are already shapely, so including lifting and revising in the surgery may provide even better results.

One of the most important reasons Thousand Oaks breast augmentation patients choose Dr. Costanzo is his collaborative approach. In your consultation, he will answer your questions and make recommendations about:

  • Which type of breast implant is best for you. Dr. Costanzo will review the different options as well as the individual benefits of using round versus shaped (gummy bear) implants.
  • Whether you should have submuscular or subglandular implant placement (under or over the muscle). Depending on the shape of your breasts, position of your nipples, and elasticity of your skin, one approach may offer better results than the other.
  • The size and shape of the implant. Commonly, breast augmentation patients request a C or D However, it’s more important to focus on “fullness” than breast cup size. If you are a petite woman, a full B cup may produce a more natural look, and if you have a smaller diameter breast, a narrower implant may offer better results.

Experience with Results

During your evaluation, Dr. Costanzo will take three measurements that will help determine what breast implant you will need to get the shape and size you are requesting.

  1. The distance from the red rectangle to your nipple = DISTANCE FROM THE BASE OF THE NECK TO THE NIPPLE
  2. The distance between the 2 yellow lines = DIAMETER OF THE BREAST
  3. The distance between the 2 green lines = HEIGHT OF THE BREAST

These measurements provide a sound scientific basis that to help us achieve your desired results. For example, women with a shorter nipple distance typically look best with submuscular implants, as seen below:

On the other hand, women with a longer nipple distance tend to benefit from a subglandular implant placement, or a Nipple Lifting procedure (Crescent Lift):

Subglandular (on top of the muscle)

Crescent Lift with Breast Implants

I balance a scientific approach with an artful eye to achieve the very best results for your body type.

What Type Of Implants Are Currently Available?

All breast implants have a silicone outer shell, with either a smooth or textured coating and some type of filler. The filler material is either saline used in intravenous solutions or silicone gel. The implants also come in a variety of sizes, projections, dimensions and are either round or shaped (teardrop). The shaped implants, sometimes called gummy bear implants are tailored specifically to fit your body, while the round allow more flexibility for those women who want very full breasts.

10 Year Guarantee Breast Augmentation Special

Details About Breast Augmentation

Thousand Oaks breast augmentation patients begin with an initial consultation. During this visit, Dr. Costanzo will conduct an examination and talk with you about what you want to achieve through surgery.

“The more information you offer, the easier it is for me to match the breast implant size and shape to your new look. Specific details include your current cup size and whether you want to be on the fuller or smaller side. Also, I encourage patients to bring photos of the type of results they’d like to have.”

Dr. Costanzo will use this information to develop a strategy for your procedure. Surgery typically lasts one hour and takes place under general anesthesia. In your operation, Dr. Costanzo will make an incision through the armpit, inferior breast fold, or around the bottom of the areola. He will have talked with you beforehand about the approach he will use and the advantages that each offers.

In your recovery:

  • You may choose to have a pain pump to manage discomfort. The device Dr. Costanzo recommends delivers small amounts of local anesthetic for three days after your procedure and gives you added comfort beyond your prescription pain medication.
  • Expect to return to normal activities gradually. Four weeks is a common healing time for breast augmentation.
  • You may need 1-2 weeks away from work depending on the physical demands of your job.

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