Thousand Oaks Breast Asymmetry

“The Asymmetrical Misshaped Breast”

Breast Asymmetry is caused by a whole host of reasons, including: Congenital or Underdeveloped Breast, Capsular Contracture, Unequal Nipple Position, Unequal Size, Scolosis, Rib Cage abnormalities, Poland’s Syndrome and Ruptured Implants after Breast Augmentation.

Breast Asymmetry – Causes & Corrections

This woman came to me to correct a previous Augmentation she felt looked unnatural. By lowering the position and reducing the size of her implants, I was able to change a “Unattractive Look” to a “Natural Look”.

Congenital Causes

  • Unequal development of the breasts
  • Uneven development of the ribs
  • Pectus Carinatum – Pointed Chest (Pigeon Chest)
  • Pectus Excavatum – Sunken Chest (Funnel Chest)
  • Poland Syndrome – Absence or Underdevelopment of the Pectoralis Muscle

Asymmetrical Development & Breast Implants

With uneven development of the breasts, I may need to perform a Breast Lift or Breast Reduction on one or both sides before placing an implant to equalize the size. Unevenness of the ribs is very common and will make your breast project outward more on one side. Therefore any implant placed on that side will stick outward more than the other side. Pectus Carinatum or Pectus Excavatum – the shape of the rib cage will have an impact on your implant position.

Pectus Carinatum (pigeon chest) – the implants will fall to the side and will be spaced wider apart.

Pectus Excavatum (funnel chest) – the implants will position themselves towards the center, softening the sunken rib cage and creating more cleavage.

Poland’s Syndrome – poses the dilemma of a missing muscle on one side.

If you are heavier placing both on top of the muscle solves the problem.

If you are a thin person you might see the implant edges because there is no muscle to hide the implant.

Scolosis or curvature of the spine – will sometimes make one side of the rib cage wider than the other side causing one of your breasts to be wider than the other.

It is very common to see the left side of chest project (stick-out) more than the right side to accommodate the heart underneath.  This forces any breast implant to project outward further on that side also.

Acquired Asymmetry After Surgery

Improper Positioning – The most common causes are placing the implant too high and under the muscle in a breast that has fallen downward.

Correction Requires:

  • Either a Breast Lift if you are a thin women or a Subglandular positioning if you have more body weight and larger natural breasts to hide the implants.
  • Repositioning the implant in the proper place

Bottoming Out – usually caused by over activity of the patient during the healing process. Overuse of the muscle will drive the implants downward and out.

High Riding Implants – most commonly seen after a sub muscular placement with smooth implants. Early in the postoperative period wearing a Velcro strap above the breast may correct this.

Capsular Contracture – a number of causes can create a firm breast implant.  These include: Genetics, Hematoma, Trauma, Radiation therapy and Infections. Correction generally requires surgical removal or release of the tight capsule surrounding the implant.

For Breast Enhancement with Implants for Asymmetry or a Breast Lift and Breast Reduction for Unequal Shape, call Dr. Costanzo of Thousand Oaks at (805) 373-9919.