5 Reasons Top Plastic Surgeon Encourages Plastic Surgery In Your 50s

Mature Blond Woman Resting on Arms Wearing White SweaterPlastic surgery procedures are increasingly popular for men and women in their 50s. The reasons are many, but top plastic surgeon, Dr. Costanzo, has put together a list of 5 of the most popular reasons he encourages plastic surgery for men and women in this age bracket.

  1. You’ve Taken Care of Everyone Else, and Now it’s Time to Take Care of Yourself!
    After all the years you’ve spent caring for and providing for everyone else around you, top plastic surgeons like Dr. Costanzo often encourage patients in their 50s to do something for themselves!

    You’ve had babies and have raised them or are raising them to adults. You might have put a child through swim class and piano lessons, sent him or her to college, and married one of them off. Now stop. Take a minute and a deep breath and realize all you’ve accomplished. If you’ve been wanting to make changes to your appearance through plastic surgery but have never found the time (or the extra money), well it’s finally here! Take care of yourself and see a top plastic surgeon in Thousand Oaks like Dr. Costanzo to get the ball rolling!

  2. Set Off to Retirement Looking Your Best!
    After years of grinding through the daily 9-5, or 7a to 7p, you may not be looking your best. After all, the responsibilities and duty to others often take precedence over caring for yourself. For Thousand Oaks men and women who are staring at retirement right around the corner, why not look your best as you enter that next chapter of your life?

    Top plastic surgeon, Dr. Costanzo, can work wonders to enhance your appearance and turn back the hands of time. You’ll be ready to hit the beach like you haven’t in years with a nice, smooth figure to show off!

  3. Address Functional Problems
    Not all plastic surgery procedures are cosmetic in nature. Some can help correct functional problems you may have been dealing with for years.

    For example, if you have trouble breathing due to a deviated septum, or another structural problem with your nose, top plastic surgeon, Dr. Costanzo can alleviate this problem through a plastic surgery procedure known as rhinoplasty, or nose job. If there’s a functional problem you’ve been dealing with and you think Dr. Costanzo can help through plastic surgery, call his office today to schedule a one-on-one appointment with him in his Thousand Oaks office.

  4. Look as Young as You Feel!
    Many men and women in their 50s look in the mirror only to see someone who looks much older than they feel. After years of hitting the gym and eating a healthy diet, it doesn’t seem quite fair that your face looks 70 while your body feels 40.

    As a top plastic surgeon in Thousand Oaks, Dr. Costanzo can work wonders renewing your facial appearance through a facelift. Since this is the part of the body that ages us the most, it’s also the place most men and women address during their 50s. Let Dr. Costanzo help you look as young as you feel so you can enjoy your 50s to the fullest!

  5. Revive Intimacy in Your Relationship!
    While Dr. Costanzo never recommends his patients have plastic surgery for the benefit of others, choosing plastic surgery in your 50s can work wonders at reviving intimacy in your relationship with your significant other.

    As long as you pursue plastic surgery for the betterment of you, top plastic surgeon, Dr. Costanzo can carefully walk you through the different procedures that can add a little something extra in the bedroom. Not only that, but plastic surgery has been proven to boost self-esteem and when you’re confident in your body, you’re more confident behind closed doors.

Get The Ball Rolling Today!

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