Overview for Thousand Oaks Liposuction Patients

“By performing thousands of liposuctions, I have developed an approach that prioritizes excellent outcomes, patient safety, and long-term results.”

Liposuction can shape and sculpt areas of fat on your body that just won’t seem to go away. Through the procedure, Dr. Costanzo can help you remove unflattering bulges and improve the appearance of cellulite around the tummy, thighs, back, chin, knees, arms, neck, breasts, and love handles.

Dr. Costanzo has completed thousands of liposuctions over his nearly three decades in practice. Patients choose his practice because of the care, skill, and expertise he offers at every stage of their experience.

How Does Liposuction Work?

In the liposuction procedure, Dr. Costanzo creates an incision and uses a vacuum-powered cannula to remove fat cells. Through careful and targeted movements, he sculpts a more attractive body contour.

Dr. Costanzo likes to use a “wet technique” rather than a tumescent technique during liposuction:

  • This technique is well established and widely used.
  • With the approach, he injects a combination of saline salt solution, adrenaline, and local anesthetic into the fatty areas before liposuction.
  • The injection decreases bleeding without distorting the target area. This improves safety and ensures accuracy.

There are a variety of other techniques Thousand Oaks liposuction patients may have learned about in their research. Dr. Costanzo has studied all of them and has selected his approach to provide the most natural-looking, attractive results with the lowest risk.

As examples, Dr. Costanzo does not use laser-based liposuction, known also as Smart Lipo, LaserZap, EZ Lipo and Laser Lipolysis because this approach risks burn damage to the skin; can lead to lumpy rather than smooth results; and still requires traditional liposuction as part of the procedure. He also believes that injecting solutions to dissolve fat, sometimes referred to as Lipo-dissolve, risks uneven contours and unknown effects to the body’s systems from the drug itself. He welcomes questions about alternative technologies and techniques during your initial consultation.

What Liposuction Can Do?

Liposuction is best when used to removed stubborn areas of fat that don’t respond to exercise or weight loss. There may even be a genetic component that distributes your fat unevenly. Dr. Costanzo will evaluate which areas will best respond to liposuction.

Many patients confuse loose skin from aging or from previous weight loss with fat. Dr. Costanzo knows from years of experience and having performed thousands of liposuction procedures, that some skin shrinkage will take place after liposuction. He will advise you whether liposuction alone will accomplish your goals. He also believes that laser liposuction and ultrasonic liposuction do not live up to their claims or add any additional benefits.

Details About Liposuction Surgery

Thousand Oaks liposuction patients begin with a visit to Dr. Costanzo’s offices, during which he will talk with you about what you want to achieve and how surgery can help. Part of this process is identifying the areas of your body you want to target.

Dr. Costanzo prioritizes your care. For this reason, he only removes the amount of fat that the he deems is safe and only in areas where he believes will result in a good contouring

In your visit with Dr. Costanzo, you will have the opportunity to ask about these issues as well as anything you’d like to know about his work. You can also review before-and-after photos of past patients and get to know our staff.

During your surgery:

  • The wet solution will be injected to lessen bleeding during liposuction.
  • A tiny incision will be made in each area you have targeted for fat removal.
  • A cannula will be used to shape, loosen, and eliminate fat.

After liposuction, the fat cells Dr. Costanzo removes will not regrow. Fat cells that remain still may enlarge if you gain weight, but ongoing care and fitness can prevent this from happening.

You may also notice a difference in how skin in the area of your liposuction contracts. Various factors can affect this, including your age, skin elasticity, and genetics. Dr. Costanzo can advise you about these issues.

As you recover from your procedure, you should notice a significant improvement in the contour of your body. Instead of areas of bulging fat, you should see tighter features and a more fit physique.

Dr. Costanzo has helped a host of Thousand Oaks liposuction patients achieve the body they want. Learn about his work by calling 805-373-9919 or contacting us online.