How is Double Bubble Corrected?

Close Up of Bare Female Torso and Under BreastsTo understand how double bubble is corrected, let’s consider how breast implant size is decided. Many patients who visit our Thousand Oaks office have a cup size in mind when they come in for their breast augmentation consultation. This surety of size does help determine the type of implant, but choosing an implant size should be based on:

  • Anatomy: Measurements of your chest and what your body can comfortably accommodate.
  • Frame: Women with smaller frames will naturally need smaller implants than women with larger frames to achieve the fullness they are looking for.
  • Lifestyle: Lean, athletic women should consider the effect of breast implants on their workout routine. Depending on your frame and level of activity, breast implants that are too large may hinder your fitness goals or create additional strain on your back.

By keeping these factors in mind before your breast augmentation, you can avoid any potential problems that may require you to come in for a breast revision.

Double Bubble: Implants That Don’t Work With Your Body

Double bubble can be a clear sign that your breast implants are too large for your body. The exact cause of this problem is your implants falling below the natural breast crease and then creating a new one below the original crease. This leaves patients with two breast creases, one below and the other crossing the bottom of the implant. This is what has become known as double bubble. A follow-up breast revision surgery is needed to correct this problem.

Correcting Double Bubble for Thousand Oaks Patients

The only way to correct double bubble is surgically, and patients will need to come in for breast revision surgery. The two surgical solutions for this problem are:

  • Moving the breast fold. If you are committed to a certain implant size, your plastic surgeon will need to move your breast crease to the correct location.
  • Changing implant size. Sometimes it is necessary to switch out your implants to a different size.

After correcting double bubble with a breast revision, Thousand Oaks patients will be able to achieve the results they originally wanted without any lasting effects of their previous surgery.

How Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon Avoids Double Bubble

A seasoned plastic surgeon is well aware of the consequences of placing implants that are too large, and will do everything in his power to convince patients that the risks outweigh the benefits. One of the principles of my Thousand Oaks practice is aligning the patient’s intended outcome with what is safe and possible for their anatomy.

Arriving at different treatment options that provide the patient with what they want while avoiding problems such as double bubble is where my expertise rests. After thirty years of experience, I’ve learned to guide patients toward results that make them happy and last throughout the years.

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