Top Plastic Surgeon Discusses 3 Ways To Ease Back Into Your Regular Routine After Plastic Surgery

Woman With Bicycle at the BeachAs a top plastic surgeon in Thousand Oaks, Dr. Costanzo knows all the do’s and don’ts of the recovery process after plastic surgery. In this blog, he’s provided 3 ways to safely ease back into your regular routine after your surgery has been completed.

1. Take it slow and take care of yourself
Remember to give yourself time to see the results when you look in the mirror for the first couple of weeks after your plastic surgery procedure. The truth is, you will look bruised and swollen before you look better. That’s because you’ve had incisions made on your body, and with incisions comes the body’s natural process of healing.

In fact, bruising and swelling is not uncommon with most of the plastic surgery procedures performed by top plastic surgeon, Dr. Costanzo. Be sure to address these side effects by icing your surgical sites on and off for the first 24-36 hours after your plastic surgery procedure.

In addition, take it slow during your recovery process from your plastic surgery procedure. As a top plastic surgeon in Thousand Oaks, Dr. Costanzo always encourages his patients to be realistic about what they can and can’t do as they recover. Don’t push yourself, and if something feels wrong, stop immediately. If you have signs of bleeding or increased swelling, call a member of Dr. Costanzo’s team to discuss your symptoms.

2. Avoid strenuous exercise until Dr. Costanzo has cleared you to resume your normal workout routine
Depending on the type of plastic surgery procedure you’ve had done, top plastic surgeon, Dr. Costanzo will put limitations on your ability to exercise for a time after your surgery. This will vary, but generally speaking, patients should expect to take at about 3 to weeks off from the gym or another exercise.

Once he has cleared you to resume working out, be sure you follow his lead. He will likely require you to start slowly with yoga or walking. If you’ve had a breast enhancement procedure performed, you should avoid push-ups, pull-ups and upper body workouts for an extended period of time. The same goes for a tummy tuck – exercises that target the abdominal muscles should be avoided for an increased amount of time.

Ultimately, because Dr. Costanzo is a top surgeon in Thousand Oaks, he will know exactly how long you should refrain from exercise as a whole, and exercises that affect your surgical areas. Follow his recommendations to ensure a quick and safe recovery.

3. Attend all of your follow-up appointments with top surgeon, Dr. Costanzo
It’s only during your scheduled follow-up visits with top plastic surgeon, Dr. Costanzo, will he be able to fully evaluate your recovery process and determine what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Post-op appointments are just as important as your pre-op appointments, so don’t miss them. During these visits, Dr. Costanzo will be able to fully evaluate your healing process and ensure everything is going as it should.

Trust Thousand Oaks’ Top Plastic Surgeon For Your Plastic Surgery Needs

If you’re ready to make the cosmetic changes you’ve been dreaming of, stop putting yourself off. Dr. Costanzo can help, and with his experience and skill, you can rest assured you’re in good hands. 

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