Why Women Flock To Top Plastic Surgeon In Thousand Oaks, Dr. Costanzo For Breast Enhancement Procedures

Blond Woman In Gray V-Neck Blouse Showing Off BreastsEvery year, Dr. Costanzo sees hundreds of Thousand Oaks women looking to improve their figure with a breast enhancement procedure. Those women flock to him as a top plastic surgeon for many reasons. Beyond his years of experience, he is committed to the community and providing women with results they love.

Women Choose Dr. Costanzo Because of His Experience as a Top Plastic Surgeon

With more than 33 years of experience performing all types of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Costanzo is highly sought after largely in part due to his reputation. He has never had a medical malpractice judgment and carries a 100% perfect safety record! Dr. Costanzo has also been awarded “Best Plastic Surgeon,” Top Rated in Cosmetic Surgery,” and “Top Rated Breast Surgeon” by Ventura County Star Newspaper. He has provided nothing but amazing results for thousands of happy patients in Thousand Oaks.

As a top plastic surgeon, Dr. Costanzo makes himself available to every patient and will listen to their needs and desires for their breast enhancement procedure. Additionally, Dr. Costanzo will always provide his patients with information about their chosen procedure and will never pressure them to make a decision. He believes his position is to come alongside his patients with sound advice and judgment and help them as they make the best decision for their care.

Top Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Costanzo Provides Top-Notch Results With Breast Enhancement

One of the most popular procedures women in Thousand Oaks choose top plastic surgeon, Dr. Costanzo to perform is breast augmentation. This is because of the collaborative approach he employs. Rather than looking at one single aspect of your breasts, he will consider all of the following in order to make the best overall decision for your breast augmentation procedure:

  • Dr. Costanzo will review the different breast implant options available for your particular body type and shape. He will explain the benefits of using round versus shaped implants.
  • As a top plastic surgeon, Dr. Costanzo will also explain the difference between submuscular or subglandular breast implant placement. Not all breast augmentation procedures are the same, which means that the placement of the breast implants varies from person to person and is a very important aspect of their breast enhancement procedure.
  • Additionally, Dr. Costanzo will discuss the size and shape options of breast implants. While many women believe they need to visit Dr. Costanzo armed with a desired bra size, in reality, it’s more important to focus on the fullness of the breast cup, and those “sizes” vary between each bra manufacturer.

Many women who consult with top plastic surgeon, Dr. Costanzo about their breast augmentation are often surprised by how many details factor into the perfect breast implants. But, it’s like he says, “The more information you offer, the easier it is for me to match the breast implant size and shape to your new look. Specific details include your current cup size and whether you want to be on the fuller or smaller side. Also, I encourage patients to bring photos of the type of results they’d like to have.”

The Feedback Says It All

While you can visit any of the hundreds of plastic surgeons in Thousand Oaks, knowing you have the option of choosing a top plastic surgeon is certainly reassuring. So many of Dr. Costanzo’s past patients have sent heartfelt letters thanking him for their life-changing results:

“Thank you for your precise surgical care as well as your creativity in sculpting a work of three-dimensional human art. You are a living uncomparable legend. May we meet again either for a revisit or a future procedure.”

“After researching several doctors online, I chose a couple to interview. I selected Dr. Costanzo first and from the beginning after interviewing and talking with him, both my husband and I felt led to look no longer. He knows what he is doing and is very thorough, kind, caring and his staff is amazing from the front desk, (the first one you see and speak with) to all who work with him in all areas. Everything is upfront so there is no confusion later on. I highly recommend Dr. Costanzo and his staff.”

As you can see, women all over the Thousand Oaks area choose Dr. Costanzo for his experience, expertise, and impeccable results in the area of breast enhancement.

Contact his office in Thousand Oaks today at (805) 373-9919 to book your initial breast enhancement consultation and be on the road to a new and improved you!