Brow Lift

Overview for Thousand Oaks Brow Lift Patients

“A brow lift procedure, combined with or without an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, can improve the appearance of tired or aged eyes.”

Dr. Christopher Costanzo has performed more than 10,000 plastic surgery procedures. His expertise and skill are part of the reason that Thousand Oaks brow lift patients choose him for their procedure.

If you are thinking about upper eyelid surgery, Dr. Costanzo will also evaluate whether combining a brow lift would provide a more youthful and rested look to your eyes.

  • Most people who want upper eyelid surgery have problems with sagging eyelid skin as well as a drooping forehead, brows, and eyebrows.
  • Sagging skin from aging eyebrows and forehead can actually create a curtain or hood over the outer part of your eye and impair your ability to see. It also produces other signs of aging, since you unknowingly raise your eyebrows to compensate, which can create deep wrinkles in your forehead.
  • Having an upper eyelid surgery alone, when a brow lift is needed, may lower the height of the eyebrow and reduce how youthful and aesthetically pleasing your eyes look.

Learn more about Dr. Costanzo’s approach to treatment and what you can expect from the procedure.

What Can A Brow Lift Do For Me?

The brow lift is an excellent way to achieve a younger, refreshed appearance. Dr. Costanzo’s success with the procedure comes in part from his years in practice, which have helped him learn the characteristics of the eye most of us find pleasing:

  • In women, the eyebrow should be high and arching. The highest point of the brow typically begins in line with the outside edge of the iris.
  • The upper eyelid should show a nice deep crease: usually about one centimeter above the lash line.
  • The lower eyelids should be free of bags and loose skin and should tilt upwards as the lid moves towards the outside edge.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

This is Dr. Costanzo’s preferred approach for Thousand Oaks brow lift patients. It requires no shaving of hair or removal of skin and maintains the position of the hairline.

In the procedure, Dr. Costanzo places a few small incisions hidden in the hairline and uses an endoscope to reposition the eyebrows. He can also correct frown lines between the eyes (a permanent alternative to BOTOX®).

Coronal Brow Lift

Dr. Costanzo reserves this approach for patients who have thick enough hair to hide the incision and a low hairline that would look better in a higher position. In the procedure, he makes a single incision across the scalp to raise the forehead and eyebrows. As an added benefit, the technique can also remove part of the forehead muscle responsible for creating forehead wrinkles.

Both endoscopic and coronal brow lift can be combined with an upper eyelid blepharoplasty to remove excess skin and improve vision. Patients may also benefit from a lower eyelid blepharoplasty, which tightens loose skin and removes bags from beneath the eyes.

Details About Brow Lift Surgery

Thousand Oaks patients will meet with Dr. Costanzo in an initial consultation. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the procedure, learn about what you can expect from your results, and prepare for your procedure.

The specific approach that Dr. Costanzo uses in your surgery will depend on your discussions and on which technique he feels will give you the best outcome. In most cases:

  • Surgery lasts 1-2 hours.
  • You will receive general anesthesia so that you will be comfortable and pain-free throughout the procedure.
  • You will go home the same day as surgery to recuperate.

Most Thousand Oaks brow lift patients that Dr. Costanzo treats say that the pain is moderate and manageable. Expect to be off from work and away from normal daily activities for a few days and for as long as two weeks. You may need to say away from other more intensive activities for up to four weeks.

During this time, you may experience bruising and swelling. Dr. Costanzo will also advise you to avoid squinting and sunlight as you recover. When the site fully heals, you can look forward to a natural-looking but significantly rejuvenated appearance.

Explore the benefits of brow lift surgery. Thousand Oaks patients can schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Christopher Costanzo by calling 805-373-9919 or contacting us online.