5 Signs Your Breast Implants Need to Be Replaced

Thousand Oaks Breast ImplantsWhen Dr. Costanzo sees patients in his Thousand Oaks clinic about having a breast augmentation, many of them want to know if their implants will ever need to be replaced. Though none of them are predictable, there are many reasons why a woman’s breast implants may need to be replaced through breast revision surgery. Dr. Costanzo has performed thousands of breast procedures for the residents of Thousand Oaks, and he stands ready to help if you are experiencing any signs that would warrant a breast revision. To learn more about why some women may need to have their implants replaced, keep reading. 

 1. You Want to Change the Size or Shape of Your Implants

Most breast revision surgeries Dr. Costanzo performs in Thousand Oaks are because women want to change the size of their implants, along with the shape of their breasts. It is not uncommon for women to have a breast augmentation and later realize they want to go bigger. In these cases, a breast revision surgery will allow Dr. Costanzo to change the implants, so you get the results you desire.

 2. Your Implants Have Ruptured

If you have saline implants, you will immediately know if you’ve experienced an implant rupture. Because the implant is filled with saline solution, the liquid will leak out, resulting in a deflated appearance of the breast. On the other hand, if you have silicone implants and a rupture occurs, it is unlikely you will notice. This is because silicone implants have a thick consistency and any leak that occurs will likely stay inside the breast pocket. Though there are no health risks associated with saline or silicone breast implant ruptures, the FDA does recommend Thousand Oaks women with silicone implants have their implants checked every three years to be sure there are no leaks. If you experience a breast implant rupture, whether silicone or saline, you will need a breast revision surgery to correct the problem. During that time, you will be able to remove or replace the implants, depending on your personal preference.

 3. You Have Capsular Contracture

During the healing process from a breast augmentation, your body will develop tissue to encapsulate or hold the implant in place.  This is called a capsule. Typically, this tissue is soft, but sometimes it can become firmer . When this happens, the capsule will tighten around the breast implant and distort its shape. The result of this contracture is the implant that will generally rise high up on the chest and cause pain. During breast revision, Dr. Costanzo will be able to correct capsular contracture by reshaping the breast pocket and replacing the implant.

 4. Your Implants Have Moved or Rotated

Another reason that women find themselves needing a breast revision is that their implants have moved or rotated. Even though implant movement isn’t drastic, it can be enough to cause Thousand Oaks women to notice the change. Additionally, sometimes implants rotate, which can cause them to look unnatural. Teardrop implants are susceptible to this because of their shape. Dr. Costanzo will need to perform a breast revision to correct problems caused by breast implant movement or rotation.

 5. You’ve Had Your Implants for Many Years

Unfortunately, breast implants do not last a lifetime. Therefore, you will likely need to have them replaced some time down the road, depending on how long you have them. Generally speaking, breast implants last many years, sometimes beyond 30 years. If you are unsure about the status of your implants, make plans to visit Dr. Costanzo soon for a consultation, so you will know if you need to have your breast implants replaced through a breast revision surgery.

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