5 Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Your Procedure

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The time has come! You’ve made the decision to have that plastic surgery procedure you’ve been dreaming of for so long! Now you need to find the right plastic surgeon. With so many different surgeons in the Calabasas area, finding the right fit can be quite the process.

Whether you’ve already chosen a plastic surgeon, or you’re still in the interviewing process, it’s important to know what you should ask your plastic surgeon before your procedure. Here are 5 great questions to start with:

1. Where Will My Procedure be Performed?

This is an important question to ask your plastic surgeon before your procedure because you, as the patient, need to be sure your surgery will be conducted in an accredited facility. The proper surgical facilities will have required medical staff on-hand to ensure your safety, as well as the proper equipment to monitor you during your procedure.

Dr. Costanzo performs his plastic surgery procedures at APSF of Thousand Oaks, an accredited facility close to the Calabasas and Westlake Village area, in order to provide you with a safe procedure and amazing results.

2. What Will My Plastic Surgery Procedure Process Look Like?

No matter the type of plastic surgery procedure you plan to have with a plastic surgeon, it’s important that you ask him or her about the surgical process. This is information Dr. Costanzo automatically provides to all of his patients because he believes in fully educating everyone that he meets with in order to help them make the best decision for their potential surgery.

If you have questions during your consultation about your procedure, don’t be afraid to ask. Dr. Costanzo makes himself completely available to his patients and patiently answers any and all questions that come his way.

3. Will I Need to Have a Touch-Up Down the Road?

Some plastic surgery procedures need a second procedure to reach the desired results. Dr. Costanzo will discuss this with you if this will be necessary during the consultation. Dr. Costanzo is an amazing plastic surgeon in Calabasas, and he provides beautiful results to his patients. However, he does not possess a magic wand and cannot stop the process of aging.

Some of the plastic surgery procedures that are most likely to need touched-up after many years are breast augmentation, breast lift, and facelift. While the specifics will vary from patient to patient, the age at which you receive these procedures will greatly affect your need for a revision later on.

4. What Restrictions Should I Expect After My Procedure?

Regardless of the type of procedure you have, your plastic surgeon will establish some restrictions after your surgery. Typical restrictions after plastic surgery procedures include no smoking, resting in specific positions to avoid pressure to the surgical site, and avoiding exercise and lifting heavy objects. Be sure to follow these to a “T” to ensure you heal well and completely.

5. How Long Will it Take to See My Final Results?

Lastly, a great question to ask your plastic surgeon before your procedure is how long it will be before you will see your final results. Dr. Costanzo sees many patients every year who are surprised to learn that their final results could take months or more to appear.

To ensure you have realistic expectations for your surgery and your results, be sure to have a clear understanding of this timeline before undergoing your procedure.

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