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Otoplasty - Protruding Ears
Ear Pinning without visible scars
Christopher Costanzo MD was trained in Pediatric Plastic Surgery for children and has vast experience with correcting Prominent Ears, Protruding Ears, Big Ears, Dumbo Ears, Elephant Ears, Mickey Mouse Ears, which are some of the terms used to describe ears that stick out too far.  Call for a free consultation with Christopher Costanzo MD, a Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Surgery Specialist in the Los Angeles area and trained at the Mayo Clinic, for an Otoplasty


Before Before and After an Otoplasty Before Before and After an Otoplasty
Before Before and After an Otoplasty Before Before and After an Otoplasty

Before and 2 years after My Otoplasty Surgery

Otoplasty for Children and Adults

Otoplasty or ear pinning is a procedure which will correct prominent ears. It is a excellent procedure with profound psychological effects.

Because the ear is about 95% adult size by 4 to 5 years of age, this is the ideal time to perform the surgery. This will eliminate the taunting these children undergo when they enter school. The comments about "Dumbo ears" may be so frequent that the child withdraws from social events, no longer wishes to go to school and suffers academically.

More often than not the parents are unaware of the extent of teasing.

Correcting the Ear

Otoplasty generally consists of correcting two areas causing the ears to stick out.

Most individuals will need to have excessive (conchal) cartilage removed from the ear, which allows the ear to sit closer to the scalp.

The second problem is the lack of a ridge, called the antihelical fold. This ridge just inside the rim of the ear is fashioned by cutting, scoring or suturing parts of the ear cartilage.

Additional Ear Deformities

Microtia, a rudimentary ear is not nearly as common and it's correction is much more complicated.  Typically, there are only remnants of the ear formed and it will take several operations to build the new ear.  These operations will involve fashioning an ear framework, usually from rib cartilage, moving and/or grafting to correct a skin insufficiency and then repositioning the ear.

Lop ear, constricted ear or excessive cupping near the top of the ear may require techniques to cut, add or remove abnormal cartilage and adding skin.

Minor deformities can exist including tags of skin with or without cartilage embedded in front of the ear.

General Information About an Otoplasty

  • Surgical Time - 1.5 hours

  • General Anesthesia preferred

  • Moderate Pain

  • Recovery time: 4 week

  • Head Bandages for 5 days

  • Ages: 5 years through adulthood

Ear Pinning - Otoplasty


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Numera Corporation continues to use my patient on their YouTube video for Cartilaze.
The reason I found out about Cartilaze was a unhappy mother whose daughter had
the Cartilaze procedure from a Texas ENT doctor promoting the procedure. After no
results from the procedure, she was searching the web to find answers and she noticed he had used one of my patients photos copied from the web.

Don't be fooled by claims of a company called Numena Medical Corporation promoting a non surgery laser treatment called Cartilaze. Cartilaze claims to be able to mold the ear over time by softening the ear cartilage. My skepticism comes from the fact they were recently caught promoting their procedure by using my patient without permission on their promotional brochure for a Texas ENT doctor.

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