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Chin Augmentation - Chin Implant
Improved Look when combined with a Rhinoplasty or Face Lift

"Improving the Facial Balance "

The Chin Augmentation with a Chin Implant can improve the neckline and enhance the profile.  By bringing the face into balance, the nose can appear smaller and the neck less sloped. Call for a free consultation with Dr. Chris Costanzo, a Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Specialist in the Los Angeles area for Chin Augmentation with a Chin Implant


Underdeveloped ChinAfter a Chin Implant

Before and After Chin Implant Placement

Using the Chin Implant for a Balanced Face

There are different materials which can be used to enlarge a chin.  My preference is a silicone chin implant.

There are also different shapes, some with a greater width to give the jaw a more square appearance.  I rarely use these.

A female jaw should be kept narrower to avoid a masculine look.  A female generally looks better and is happier with a smaller thickness implant.

Other procedures may be needed to achieve better results.  This could include, orthodontics, nose contouring, face lifting and jaw advancement or setback.

General Information About the Surgery

Usual time - 1 to 1.5 hours

General or IV anesthesia

Incisions - the implant can be placed from inside the mouth or through an incision under the chin

A chin strap is worn for about a week to hold the implant in place

Caution must be taken to avoid shifting the implant for several weeks

Chin Implant Placement for Augmenting Your
Facial Balancing


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