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Botulinum toxin type A / Abotulinum toxin

"Wrinkles & Migraine Headache "

Soften or Eliminate Deep Wrinkles with Botox or Dysport injections.  Treat Wrinkles in the Forehead, around the Eyes and those Frown Lines.  Call for an evaluation with Dr. Chris Costanzo, a Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon and Specialist of the Los Angeles area for your Wrinkles, Laugh Lines, Migraine Headaches

Botox and Dysport - General Information

Before Botox InjectionAfter Botox


  • Is a purified protein toxin produced by bacterium

  • To date there have been no serious side effects related to the injections for face wrinkles

  • Only small amounts of BOTOX® or DYSPORT® are used and therefore it does not spread throughout the body

  • Works by blocking nerve impulses, thereby weakening the muscle that is causing the wrinkle

  • Does not affect the nerve itself, so there is no numbness in the area of injection

  • Most common areas of usage are: frown lines, horizontal forehead lines and the lines at the corner of the eye

  • Alternative areas are: neck bands, nasolabial (cheek folds), chin creases

  • The effects usually last 3-5 months and sometimes longer with repeat injections

  • In rare instances, some individuals see little effect

  • Some wrinkles are caused by skin laxity and cannot be corrected by injecting BOTOX® or DYSPORT®

  • Seems to help relieve migraine type headaches in some people

Risks of BOTOX® or DYSPORT®Injections

Although the long-term results of BOTOX® or DYSPORT® are not known, it has been used to treat eyelid muscle twitching and for wrinkle therapy for about many years

Temporary drooping of muscles, other than those intended for wrinkle therapy resulting in a droopy eyebrow, eyelid, lip or looseness of the neck area. This unwanted effect is not common and lasts for a few weeks


What to Expect

Redness and swelling for a few days at the injection site

Bruising may result from the injection and may last a few weeks

The effects of BOTOX® or DYSPORT® will begin to become noticeable in 3 to 5 days

Alternatives to BOTOX® or DYSPORT®Injections

Forehead and frown lines can be permanently eliminated by removing the nonessential muscle fibers during a Brow lift

Frown lines can be removed through two small incisions hidden in the scalp using an endoscope

Fillers such as:  Restylane, Juvederm, Hylaform, Radiance, Sculptra, Perlane, Zyderm, Zyplast, Collagen, Muscle or Grafting material like Alloderm can soften the look

Direct excision of the wrinkle line is sometimes done

A Face lift may be necessary to correct wrinkles that are not affected by BOTOX® or DYSPORT®

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